Terms & Conditions

For the EH School of Healing

By registering for either course 201 or 202 and completing the onboarding process, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

Because we are dealing with the hearts of people, the Elijah House School of Heart Healing can, at times, be very intense. Personal responses to lessons and small-group interaction may include, but is certainly not limited to, some of the following: expressions of anger, prejudices and resentments, apprehension, anxiety, insomnia, depression, dissociation, etc. Note: If a crime is confessed in small group during the course of the school, the Online Facilitator of your small group will need to report it to Elijah House. In accordance with the laws of the state of Idaho and/or applicable states, Elijah House leadership may need to report it to the proper authorities.  

Because of time constraints, all of your personal life issues will not be dealt with during the course of the school. Heart healing is a life-long process. However, we do give you the tools to pursue further healing, so you may want to pursue further ministry once the school is complete. If you feel there are already significant life issues which need to be addressed, ministry or counseling prior to your enrollment in the school is advisable and always beneficial. If you are currently seeing a secular counselor or prayer counselor, we ask that you discuss the school with them and receive their approval to attend.  

Small Group Attendance:

The 10 small group times held within each course are vital practicum and participation times. Students go deep with each other as they work through heart healing issues together. As a result, all-important trust is being built within the group. When a student misses a small group session, it affects the entire group. As such, Elijah House has set a firm boundary in that you, the student, are expected to be in attendance during all 10 small group times. However, we do understand that emergencies happen. If it is truly unavoidable, students may miss one small group time (all applicable videos must be watched, homework turned in, and, where available, the missed group session watched). If a student misses a second small group time, that student is automatically dropped and no tuition refund is given.

Student Withdrawal/Drop:

Students may withdraw from a 10-week online course prior to course start. They must give notice in writing to onlineschool@elijahhouse.org of such intent at least two weeks (14 days) prior to their course start date. Students abiding by this will receive tuition refund, minus a $59 application fee. Students withdrawing from any School of Heart Healing course with less than a two-week (14-day) notice in writing will receive tuition refund, minus the $59 application fee and will be charged an additional $200 penalty (exceptions may be considered in cases of emergency.) Students dropping after completion of their first small group, whether of their own accord or due to attendance issues as outlined above (see Small Group Attendance), will not receive any tuition refund. NOTE: Elijah House will consider refunds on physical copies of study guides and required reading books only if they are in perfect, resealable condition, minus a 10% restocking fee. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the student.

Student Utilization of Third-Party “Shop Pay” Payment Plan:

If a student engages in a payment plan with “Shop Pay” to pay for their tuition and drops a course before it starts (see Student Withdrawal/Drop), Elijah House will refund tuition as specified above. If a student is dropped due to attendance issues (see Small Group Attendance), no tuition refunds will be given, and student will be expected to pay out their tuition agreement with “Shop Pay” in full.  

By registering and completing the student information form, you accept the school enrollment information and requirements outlined in the course enrollment information page, as well as those outlined in the Elijah House Student Manual. You agree to respectfully abide by the determination of Elijah House as to the suitability of your attendance at this time.

You agree to indemnify and hold Elijah House, its affiliates, Online Facilitators, and its staff and leadership harmless for any of your personal responses to the lessons and small group time during the school courses. You also agree to indemnify and hold Elijah House harmless for any costs incurred on your part in time, travel, accommodations, or other incidentals, should the school be canceled, your acceptance be delayed, or you are asked to discontinue the course to seek ministry before continuing at another time. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of what is shared by leaders and students in class and small groups. You understand that you may be filmed, photographed or recorded DURING THE GRADUATION ONLY for use in future training events and advertisement, for display without using your name, and you give permission for use of your image/picture/words in this way.

You understand that submission of your student information form and registration to the Elijah House School of Heart Healing is binding; you testify that all information provided is true; you accept the terms of enrollment; and you will provide sufficient funds in a timely manner for your participation in this school course.