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Pastoral Reference Form

Pastoral counseling and ministry training. Get heart healing WHILE
 you learn to become more effective at helping the people you love.

1. Enter the form below

Scroll down and click the icon to enter the pastoral reference form. Then press the "Start Now" button to begin answering each question. Completion usually takes less than 10 minutes.

2. Answer each question

Because this is a character reference form, please do your best to answer each question about the student as accurately as possible (this form is confidential and will only be seen by our EH admin.)

3. Press submit

Once you have completed all the questions, press submit and your form will be sent to our EH school administrator. You may also download the .PDF for your records.

Click the document icon BELOW to open the pastoral reference form

We deeply value your involvement in this journey. Understanding the importance of pastoral counseling and ministry training, we uphold a standard of accountability for each student. We require them to have a pastor or qualified spiritual mentor to serve as an accountability partner and character reference. Your role in this process is invaluable to the student. Navigating through our pastoral reference form is a breeze. Simply click on the document icon below to access the form, and answer each question thoughtfully and accurately. You can use the arrows at the bottom to move forward, and when you're finished, hit submit.  Your participation means the world to us and to our students.

Thank you for being a part of this impactful process!
Pastoral counseling and ministry training to help you discover the path to true heart healing.

Our Available Courses

Course Level | 201

Heart Healing Essentials

God is in the business of transforming our hearts into the very best of whom He created us to be. When we experience healing in our hearts we are able to walk further into our true identity. This course will teach you how to overcome the things preventing this process from happening, and how to effectively guide others to victory through your pastoral counseling ministry (and life!).
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Course Level | 202

Advanced Heart Healing

No more feeling underprepared! Our level 202 course is a 10-week deep dive into some of the most challenging issues we commonly see in pastoral counseling. Our training will prepare you to confidently help individuals dealing with negative core beliefs derived from areas such as sexual issues, depression, neglect, etc. With our advanced training and the Lord's help, you CAN help those lost in hopelessness. 
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Course Level | 203

Advanced Pastoral Counseling

This is the most advanced course offered by Elijah House. This course is designed to help equip pastoral counselors in the most difficult situations. We cover topics such as bipolar, Dissociative Identity Disorder, spiritual abuse, and more...
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Course Level | 101

Getting Unstuck

Kingdom Essentials That Work

Getting Unstuck is Elijah House's entry level course that is a self paced self learning online experience. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of how to overcome the areas you have felt stuck in life. No more vicious cycles holding you back from the plans you know deep down God has for you. No more feeling helpless and ineffective at loving others and helping them walk to victory, and most of all no more suffering from unhealed wounds.
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