Welcome To The 202 Advanced Heart  Healing Onboarding Module. 

Scroll down for instructions on how to complete the 4 simple steps of your course 202 onboarding process.

Onboarding Instructions

 Welcome to the Course 202: Advanced Heart Healing onboarding module. We are beyond excited that you have chosen to begin your healing journey with the EH School of Heart Healing! Before you begin we just need you to finish up the 4 simple steps of our onboarding process.  Simply enter the Onboarding Module in the entry point below and it will walk you through each step. Once you've finished each step you're ready to go! The next step will be to sit back and countdown to the course launch date. On the day of launch, you will receive an email informing you that you now have access to the lessons. Your EH Online Facilitator will then be your point of contact and will guide you through the 10-week course.

1. Submit your student form.

Fill out the student form to tell us about your background.

2. Secure your pastoral reference.

Send your pastor or mentor a link to the pastoral reference form.

3. Choose the available small group.

Select an available time slot to attend your weekly small group.

Module Entry Point

Click the button to enter the 202: advanced heart healing onboarding module

Click the button to enter the onboarding module.

Course player instructions

This is the course 202 onboarding module entry point. When you click the button you will enter the module and will be guided through each step. Your progress will be saved after each session. Return here and click the button whenever you would like to continue. You may also click the "begin from last session" button in your student portal.


Click the drop down arrows to view your progress and/or select the slide you would like to navigate to.

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